What you don’t know about the Android 9.0 Pie

Google recently officially launch the release of the long-awaited Android 9 Pie codenamed Android P in their line of operating systems. It is now available for Google Pixel devices and other essential phones. The update could be one of the most consequential in recent years, as some of its core goals are to make our phones less distracting, less stressful and give us total control on how we use them without sucking our attention.

Gidigadget handpicked some fantastic features about the latest Android P.

Artificial Intelligence

This feature is based on the believe that our phone should adapt to our way of life. The addition of several features powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to the Android P will drastically change the way we use our phone. Example of such features is the App Action that monitors our action and suggests based on our smartphone usage habits. Imagine you order for a pizza by calling on your smartphone the pizza outlet at a particular time every day; expect a button to show on the App Drawer suggesting a call for pizza ordering the next day at the same time you used to call.

Digital Wellbeing

Hands down one of the major highlights of the Android 9 Pie, Google is implementing a couple of handy features that make our phone works for us, and not the other way.  A typical example of this feature is the Android Dashboard that tracks the amount of time you have spent on your device.

Apart from tracking the time on all the apps, it also allows you to set screen time for some specific apps and also recommends taking a screen break. While not available fully yet, other features of the Digital Wellbeing feature is the Wind Down Mode that puts your phone in a Do Not Disturb Mode after it reaches bedtime that you set on the phone.

Everything you need to know about the Android 9.0 Pie

Enhanced Do Not Disturb Mode

With a simpler Do Not Disturb Mode, a simple tap on the screen will prevent any notifications or sounds (alarm is an exception). Users can customize the Do Not Disturb Mode in the settings and can add schedules to when they want it activated. This is a neat feature that can come in handy on weekends or during vacations.

Lockdown Mode

Similar to the Apples USB restricted mode, the Lockdown feature is one of the key elements of the Android P. To activate it, hold down your power button and select lockdown from the list. This clears all notifications on the phone as well as personal information on your lock screen. It is one of the features designed by Google to tackle security as the phone can only be unlocked by password or PIN only.

New Phone Navigation System

The Android P features a shift from the traditional Android navigation buttons to a small pill-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen. A swipe up from the bottom of the screen shows recent apps while a full swipe up displays your app drawer. Apart from these new gestures, there is also an option to silence your phone by turning it over and more cool navigations.

Which of the features do you think is the coolest out of the five? Share your thoughts with us; we would like to hear from you.

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