Top Android Apps for 2019

2018 is gone and we are in another year. Despite the fact that the previous year witnessed a great influx of android apps of varied purposes in the android market, this year presents a more veritable platform for more apps. To help you with your decision-making process, we have obtained some of the best free apps out of the pool of android apps in the Google Playstore. These apps are both easy and free to install. They are also essential to you as a smartphone user. Check out the list of some of the best apps.

  1. Feedly

This app helps you in organizing all latest news and information in a single tab. From there, you can easily navigate online magazines, YouTube channels, blog, and other related websites. It could also be adjusted to the simple layout view. The app is currently in use by over 40 million people.

  1. Automate

Automate is a user-friendly app that allows you use flowcharts in creating or adding automations. You only need to master how a simple flow works. It comes with features such as Bluetooth, GPS, and volume-reducing option.

  1. Tiny Scanner

This is an app that is similar to CamScanner; it allows you to scan any document or image into a pdf format. The scanned files can be easily organized and shared from your smartphone to an email, dropbox, Google driver, etc.

  1. Shazam

For music lovers, this app allows you to explore your music of choice, identify the surrounding media, discover the songs’ lyrics, and get them downloaded on your smartphone. You can also follow any artists you love and be one of the first to listen to their discoveries.

  1. Pics Art

This photo editor app remains one of the best. It has reached over 100million downloads which keep increasing on daily basis. It enables you to customize your photos by cropping them and adding collage, frames, drawing on photos, stickers, changing their perspective, etc.

  1. Google Maps

Though Google Maps is not a new app, however, it keeps on getting new updates such as real-time GPS navigation, transit info, traffic, etc. This app grants you an access to the status, territories, famous locations, etc. of up to 220 countries.

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the fastest smartphone browsers. It comes with amazing features such as easy usability, thousands of extensions, etc. New Android and iPhone devices come with the app preinstalled on them; you only require to upgrade the app when you are connected to the internet.

  1. WhatsApp

This remains one of the greatest social media apps. Almost everyone knows it – if not using it. It is free to use, allows for instant messaging (voice and text messages), sharing of links, images, and location, video calling, among others.

  1. Google Drive

This app allows you to store your private data and information such as documents, files, images, etc. in the cloud space. Though it only provides a limited storage capacity, you can as well purchase additional space. Any data saved on it is safe.

  1. Google News

For news lovers, this apps brings to you relevant news and updates from around the world. It is simple to navigate and stories published in magazines, newspapers, etc. are brought to your closet.

  1. Evernote

This is a note-taking app that is designed for tasking job: making task list, text audio and video sketches, among others. You may also organize your busy schedule. It provides you a user-friendly widget which gives you a quick access to the app.

  1. Google Duo

This app suits the personality of video calling lovers. It is supported by both Android and iOS phones and tablets. It is mostly preinstalled in most smartphone with only a manual installation required for the completion. It helps you connect easily with your friends and family while also leaving a video message in case a person can’t pick up your call. Isn’t this amazing?

  1. Swiftkey

It is one of the best keyboard apps with over 250 million users. It’s popular for its artificial intelligence with word prediction. However, it doesn’t save classified information such as passwords, pin codes, credit card or PayPal info, among others.

  1. Google Assistant

This app allows you to interact with it through natural voice or keyboard input. It can help to search the internet, adjust hardware settings, schedule events and alarms, etc. It has been installed on over 400 million devices.

  1. Nova Launcher

Despite its feature as one of the best launchers, it is lightweight and smooth. It comes with tons of customization. Numerous icons are integrated in the app to change its looks. It is a good replacement for your home screen.

These are the top 15 apps in 2019. They are free and easy to install. However, you may ask your questions in the comment box in case you face any hassle while installing any of the apps.


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